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Crawler Material Handler EOCMP40T

Crawler Material Handler EOCMP40T

  • High versatility, adaptable working modes

  • Fast cycles, high performance hydraulic control

  • High efficiency, great performance, low fuel consumption

  • Clean and maintenance free power

  • Comfortable and safe cab


I. Introduction

Specifically designed for the waste and recycling industry, the new EOCMP25T Material Handler is a powerful and reliable partner in what can be challenging work conditions. This versatile machine promises maximum productivity and flexibility with its range of tried and tested features. The machine is manufactured with a dedicated upper structure and reinforced undercarriage to withstand the forces in scrap sorting applications. 


Operators can work in comfort in the spacious cab, which can be raised up to five meters above the ground, for an eye-level view. Keeping operation steady when working at height, the cab also benefits from double-damped cushioning to reduce noise and vibrations. To enhance safety, the EOCMP25T Material Handler is equipped with the arm in limitation to avoid collision between the cab and the grapple. As an extra safety feature when working indoors, we offers the optional height limitation function. Getting in and out of the cab is easier for the operator thanks to brightly colored handrails, and newly added steps on the outriggers.

II. Components List

Parts   Description SupplierOriginal  
Hydraulic PumpKawasakiJapan
Hydraulic ValveKawasakiJapan
Pilot Control ValveKawasakiJapan
Travel MotorNabtescoJapan


III. Specification

Operating Weight (Tons)40
Standard Bucket Capacity (m3)3
Diesel Engine ManufacturerCummins
Engine Power (kw)194
Hydraulic Flow Rate (L/min)2X235
Hydraulic Pressure (MPa)30
Travelling Speed (km/h)4.3
Grade Climbing Capacity (%)65
Swing Speed (r/min)10
Overall Length (mm)5883
A.   Overall Width (mm)3350
B.   Overall Height of Cab (mm)3390
C.   Engine Cover Height (mm)2670
D.   Counterweight Clearance (mm)1230
E.   Ground Clearance (mm)510
F.   Upper Structure Width (mm)2960
G.  Rear-End Length/Swing Radius (mm)3365
H.  Overall Track Length (mm)5036
I.   Track Length on ground (mm)4086
J.   Gauge Width (mm)2750
K.  Track Width (mm)600
Ground Pressure (MPa)0.08
Boom Slew Angle (right/left)0
Strick Length (mm)4000
L.   Maximum Grabbing Heigh(mm)11530
M. Maximum Dumping Height (mm)9220
N.  Maximum Reach (mm)10560
O.  Maximum Grabbing Depth(mm)5465


IV. Reference