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Automatic Egg Packing Machine EOPAC-2

Automatic Egg Packing Machine EOPAC-2

  • 25,000 egss packing capacity per hour

  • Automatic egg packing

  • Automatic big head adjusting to upside

  • Automatic egg trays infeeding

  • Suitable for 6×5 plastic or paper trays

  • Statistics for all packing eggs


Demonstration Video On Youtube

I. Instruction

Egg packing machines gently transfer eggs to crates avoiding cracking or breaking eggs. Packing machine can be integrated swiftly with the conveyor system. The packing machine is easy to open for wash or maintenance. EOPAC-1 type egg packing machine is easy to use, so you can focus on getting your eggs packed and spend less time figuring out how to maintain, determine replacement parts and worrying about up time. The packing macine is designed keeping your farm environment in mind, simple, robust, reliable and flexible. 

II. Specification

Packing Capacity25,000 eggs/hour
Power0.45 kW
Trays DistributeAutomatic
SuitabilityFresh Egg
OptionEgg Washing, Egg Grading