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Egg Washing & Grading Machine EOGAD 600

Egg Washing & Grading Machine EOGAD 600

  • 18,000 eggs - 20,000 eggs grading capacity

  • Automatic egg washing and drying

  • 4 or 7 differernt grades

  • Fully automatic, high-capacity grading

  • Accurate grading, zero breakage rate


Demonstration Video On Youtube

I. Instruction

EOGAD 600 egg grading machine uses a patented electromagnetic weighing system. The device has an integrated conveyor belt, transferring sorted by weight eggs on the passive table. Device distinguishes 6 weight groups defined by the customer and the seventh group off the weight class.

EOGAD 600 allows you to change parameters of sorting in particular weight compartments at any time using the keyboard and the display, what allows to customize sorting to individual needs and requirements. Weight partitions on the table are set depending on the number of individual gradings.

II. Specification

Grading Capacity18,000 – 20,000 eggs/hour
Power24 kW
SuitabilityFresh Egg
FunctionEgg Washing, Egg Drying, Egg Grading, Egg Printing