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Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation Bagging Machine EOSM800

Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation Bagging Machine EOSM800

Fully Automatic Bagging Process

  • Compost automatic loading

  • Cultivation bag automatic making

  • Compost automatic filling

  • Compost automatic pressing

  • Cultivation bag automatic sealing 

  • Cultivation bag automatic conveying

  • 800 bags per hour


Demonstration Video On Youtube

I. Introduction

Mushrooms grow on compost. The compost is produced at specialized companies. From the moment the raw materials are mixed, up to delivery of the compost to the production companies, the process takes four to six weeks and this depends on the raw materials and the system used at the composting company.

In process of mushroom growing, the compost is required to fill into the bag, such job is always done manually previously. But by using of automatic bagging machine, we can increase the production efficiency and reduse manual cost, to acheive industrial mushroom cultivation. The whole bagging process is capable finished by machine automatically, including compost loading, cultivation bag making, compost filling, compost pressing, cultivation bag sealing and cultivation bag conveying, the capacity can upto 800 bags per hour.

Start the whole production process only by pressing one button. Easy to operate, automatically reminding, output counting and precision collaboration. Fast forming, the whole production process, including bag making, bagging, tying, hole punching, gluing, bag delivery, can be accomplished at a dash and it takes only 3 seconds to produce one bag. Due to 11 national patents and core technology, this machine has a stable performance. The production process is fully intelligentized. Detail design without any hidden trouble. Ten workers' labor can be saved by using one machine.


II. Specification

Cultivation Bag Length500mm - 600mm
Cultivation Bag Width140mm - 160mm
Cultivation Stick Length400mm - 500mm
Cultivation Stick Diameter90mm - 100mm
Layer of BagSingle / Double
Bagging Capacity800 Bags/Hour
Power Rate15KW
Machine Weight3000 Kg

III. Components List

Three Phase MotorSIEMENS
Frequency ConverterSchnider
Pneumatic CylinderAirTAC
Liner GuidewayHIWIN
Geared MotorLM
Servo MotorINVT

IV. Reference