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EOOE Accomplished After-Sales Service In Thailand

Sep. 24, 2018

Base on the trust, our Australian customer who is the hydraulic cylinder supplier of Caterpillar asked us to provide a custom welding machine to them to carry out the welding process of flange and end cap on their hydraulic cylinders in May of this year.


After technical discussions, all technical details have been finalized and we produced the custom welding machine for them. Finally, this machine has been successfully delivered to our customer's factory in Thailand in September.


EOOE took the factory engineer to do the installation, commissioning and training for this custom welding machine in customer's factory in Thailand from Sep.17 to 22. After we studied our customer's existing technical procedures of the end cap welding on site, we specially developed a new program at once in the PLC that can completely follow their existing welding procedures. At last, we successfully accomplished our jobs. This machine can help our customer to improve the welding quality and welding efficiency in the following production.


Our profession and conscientiousness gave a very deep impression to our customer and we also got high praise from them. The installation and commissioning had completed, but the after-sales service has only just begun.

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