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Tire Building Machine EOTBM-2535 for OTR Tire

Tire Building Machine EOTBM-2535 for OTR Tire

  • Rim diameter 25" - 35"

  • Flexible, modular design

  • Short tooling change times through material storage systems

  • Expandable through the option of functional modules

  • Ease of operation and maintenance

  • Low maintenance costs


Demonstration Video On Youtube

I. Instruction 

Tire building machines are specially developed for tire manufacturers, since they are designed for assembling and curing all kinds of tires. There are three main versions of TBMs – for passenger tires, semi-truck tires and heavy duty truck tires. TBMs are adjustable, so they can vulcanize tires with different tires size dimensions. 

Efficiency in the use of tire building machines is the key to this. EOOE offers advanced technology in this area – for example, in the production of different batch sizes with minimal changeover times. High-quality sensors detect end positions of the pneumatic cylinders, position the sliders for the correct tyre build, or monitor for liner sag. Solutions from Balluff support sophisticated machine concepts, increase productivity and guarantee high system availability.

II. Specification 

Diameter of DrumΦ1020mm –Φ1180mm
Width of Drum900mm – 1500mm
Range of Spindle Speed5 – 60r/min
Power of Main Motor25.4 KW
Center Height of Main Shaft1250mm
Pressure of Air Supply0.7 Mpa
Rim Diameter25" - 35"
Enlargement Range of Band700mm – 1300mm
Maximum Width of Band2500mm
Working Diameter of Transfer Clamping   RingΦ890mm – Φ1250mm
Machine weight20 Ton
Machine Dimension12800mm×4500mm×1950mm